FireSafe are here to help. If you have any fire safety related queries, simply contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ web page or telephone on 01279-730999 and we will try our best to help you.

You can “Trust” FireSafe not only with your annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Service, but also for Risk Management advice and Hands on Staff Training.

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Product Servicing and Maintenance

In practically every workplace it is a legal obligation to provide a means of fighting fire and to ensure adequate maintenance. This requirement may even be imposed by an insurance company as a condition of insurance for your business.

The presence of fixed fire fighting equipment installed to deal with special fire risks in certain premises does not negate the need for portable fire equipment to deal with small fires as they start.

Why choose a FireSafe Extinguisher:

  • British Made and Approved
  • High Fire Ratings to BS EN3
  • Environmentally Safe Agent
  • Smaller and lighter in use
  • Indirect use near electrical equipment
  • Multiple Fire Rating:
    • Class A – Wood Paper Cloth
    • Class B – Flammable Liquid Plastic
    • Class C – Flammable Gasses
    • Class D – Flammable Metals
    • Class E – In the proximity of Power
    • Class F – Flammable oils – Fryers

Our Service Engineers are qualified to Service Portable Fire Extinguishers in accordance with the rules laid down by the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association.




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